Bristol Siddeley Proteus
Industrial gas turbine based on an aircraft turboprop unit producing 4250 SHP.
On Display
Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd
Internal Fire Core Collection

Alternator field trip cabinet - Princetown

Batteries - Princetown

Closeup of governor side of reduction gear - Princetown

CO2 suppression system - Princetown

Combustion chambers, October 2009

Completed display, firewall and reduction gear, October 2009

Completed display, September 2009

Completed engine controls cabinet, October 2009

Control cabinet - Princetown

Control cabinets - Princetown

Cooler room, October 2009

Coupling and guard

Datafonic controller for the Proteus

End of alternator - Princetown

Engine monitoring cabinet - lightup sensor etc

Erecting the stack at Princetown

Exhaust ducting - Princetown

Exhaust stack

Front of station - Princetown

Fuel tanks

Fuel tanks

Interior of engine control cabinet - Princetown

Laying the foundations at Princetown

Lube oil filter and suppression - Princetown

Main control cabinets, October 2009

Oil cooler - Princetown

On the floor at the museum

Princetown from the air

Proteus arrives at the museum

Proteus combustion chambers - Princetown

Proteus touches down at the museum

Proteus unloading

Tailpipe, October 2009

View of the station at Princetown